Anita Tarnai

In my role as the Academic Program Specialist at Accelerated Study in the Associate Programs (ASAP), I enjoy embarking on projects that offer a platform for students to share their insights and present an opportunity to connect with one another. The Becoming the Change Interview Project is a unique collection of interviews centered around the themes of identity and purpose. Students in these interviews reflect on the the changes they would like to see in the world and the roles they see themselves in making a positive change.

One of the highlights of my work at ASAP is to be able to collaborate with students and create lasting value, like this collection. Having watched the videos of the collection, I can say, that the range of issues brought to light as well as the perspectives shared make me fully appreciate the diversity of the student body of BMCC and the wisdom each student brings to this college community. I hope to see the birth of many more projects that offer students an opportunity to express themselves, develop new skills, get acquainted with each other’s perspective, learn from each other and, ultimately, bring us closer together as a community.

Project Founder & Manager