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Got memes?

Attach an image of your favorite meme in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “Got memes?”

    1. I also wanted to include this one as well as it speaks rather well to the current struggles CUNY professors face. Since CUNY changed their attendance rule so that students can no longer fail on attendance alone, many students think they can complete the class without actually ever being physically present in the classroom.

  1. Here is a meme that I selected…working your way up…….start small, end big…..start your assignments early, so that they do not pile up at the end…lol just some translations I may use on the section of the Open Lab to describe the meme

  2. This image isn’t a meme, really, but it’s still fun. It was posted on one of my favorite Twitter accounts, @WeirdMedieval, who captioned the image: “jousting, france, 14th century.” The source of the image is the British Library:

    Alt text: A medieval drawing of a dog riding on the shoulders of a rabbit and jousting with a rabbit riding on the back of a snail with the head of a man

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