Reflections 5: Race and Ethnicity Due 4/28

Reflections 5: Race and Ethnicity Due 4/28

FINAL EXAM WILL BE THE REFLECTION 5 on RACE AND ETHNICITY – come prepared with your discussion on race, racism, prejudice, discrimination and stereotypes as they pertain to or affect various segments of racial and ethnic minorities. Week 7 and 8 online folder content work on at your own pace to respond to the 2nd survey on Social Inequality. 

The reflection paper 5 (REFLECTION 5 on RACE AND ETHNICITY – on race, racism, prejudice, discrimination and stereotypes as they pertain to or affect various segments of racial and ethnic minorities ) will be used as your final class paper so take your time to work on it. It will be due on the last day of class. Next week, we will only discuss and share responses to the discussion questions. After you write your paper, you will present it in class for the final exam. I will group together students who wrote similar topics to lead discussions and present their PPT presentation. 

You can select the following themes as your main discussion for part 1: Racial Discrimination, Crime and Punishment, Deviance and Social Control. Provide examples of how they affect people of racial and ethnic minorities. Part 2: Select one of the Sociological Perspectives and discuss how that perspective views the response to your discussion in part 1. Minimum pages 5 (of course you can write longer). You will need BOTH in text reference and separate reference page. I have posted sample papers in the week 5 reflection folder at the bottom).

You will write a 5 page paper as described above. You will post the final paper in the Assignment folder on BB under Final Exam Paper (race and ethnicity). You then will present your paper as a discussion in class via a PPT presentation.

Use the info below as reference / guidelines and make sure you conduct your own external research to write the paper.



Reflection / Reaction / Response Paper on Race and Ethnicity in America:

(Times New Roman/12 point: 5 – 8 pages and not more than 10 pages). Make sure to use appropriate in text and separate page citation: MLA or APA.

Part I

In your paper, make sure to address in the first part the following questions below:

How race and ethnicity affect and continue to impact racial minorities in America.

What is the difference between race and ethnicity?

What is a majority group (dominant group)?

What is a minority group (subordinate group)?

Explain the difference between stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, and racism.

Compare and contrast the different experiences of various ethnic groups in

the United States.


Part II: Question on Deviance and Social Control of minority groups in America: Compare and contrast the 3 theoretical perspectives in sociology in addressing Race and Ethnicity / Crime and Punishment / Deviance and Social Control.



State of White Supremacy in America by Alapo and Rockefeller

Racial Disparities in the US Criminal Justice System by Alapo and Rockefeller


Deviance and Social Control

Theory & Deviance: Crash Course Sociology #19



Ch. 11, and Alapo Ch. 7


1) Race and Ethnicity (By Milenko Manikovich (Stanford Report, June 16, 2017)

2) Structural Racism: Institutional Racism and Segregated Communities.pdf

3)  Race, Power and Policy: Dismantling Structural Racism (workbook)

5) Race and Ethnicity (Census Bureau)

6) Americas Racial and Ethnic Minorities

7) Culture and Leadership in the 21st Century


  1. Race and Ethnicity – crash course sociology

2) What science tells us about race and racism

3) Race and Ethnicity

4) Demographic Structure of Society: Race and Ethnicity

5) Kids and Race

6) TedEx Talk by Alex Kajitani: Why Race Matters and Why We Need to Start Talking About It



CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (the video links to more videos on crime and punishment in the US)

Crime: Crash Course Sociology #20

Sample Papers: these only have sections of part 1 but it gives you an idea of how to write and format your paper.

Sample Paper 1

Sample Paper 2

Sample Paper 3

Sample Paper 4

How to Cite in both MLA and APA

Do not forget to include BOT in paper citation and a separate reference page. See below on how to format APA / MLA citations:

Post your paper in the assignment tab under Response paper on BB