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BARS 2023

Doll House Central



Frances George


Owen Roberts


Doll House Central is a social networking website based around user created fictional characters. Users design characters and dialog trees associated with those characters using a custom interface with the ability to write statements, questions and create branches with choices that the user can respond to. Users manage their fictional characters and available dialog trees. Users can also converse with characters created by other users once they have been published publicly. Doll House Central is built with web technologies including HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript for the front-end, with the backend built on NodeJS, Firebase and ExpressJS. Frameworks like SASS and Handlebars are used for development. The site also uses the web media API for voice recordings that are optionally available with dialog trees. The site includes an interface for designing dialog trees, recording sound and saving the dialog to the database without the need of other software. By creating fictional characters, the social network enables real time interactions for users to perform and practice social interaction without the social risks often associated with online interactions. Once Doll House Central’s primary functionality is completed it will be released as a website for user testing.