BARS 2021

Developing a Mobile App to Improve Online Foreign Language Learning

Author: Zhi Gao
Mentor: Ling Luo
Institution: BMCC
Abstract: It’s a challenge to teach and learn a foreign language via distance learning because it lacks interaction between students and instructors. Although there are already some language learning mobile apps that exist, they often are designed for self-learning, none of them is easily adapted to the college curriculum.
In this project, we develop a mobile application for foreign language learning using Virtual Reality, particularly focusing on distance learning. This app allows instructors to assign exercises and students can easily interact with the instructor virtually and complete exercises and activities in the virtual 3D environment.


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  1. Katherine Conway

    I am quite impressed with your ability to develop the aps but it wasn’t clear to me how these apps might differ (or improve upon) commercially available products such as DuoLingo, Babbel of Rosetta Stone.