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BARS 2020, Research

Automation and the Future of Work: Costs and Benefits

Name: Jiaqian Liu

Mentor: Christine Farias

Abstract: As the development of automation advances the quality of some aspects of our lives, it raises concerns that it could impact many occupations as well. Many jobs in the agricultural, services and manufacturing sectors are expected to be gradually replaced by automation and robotics. Moreover, low-education and low-skilled workers are facing increasing risks of unemployment. Statistics show that 43 percent of jobs in manufacturing, 40 percent of jobs in retail, 38 percent of jobs in telemarketing, 37 percent of jobs in data entry in the US alone are at risk of being replaced by automation . What can people do to face the challenges that automation brings in the future? To answer this question my presentation will attempt to examine the composition of jobs, the automation potential, costs and benefits of automation and possible future job displacement in various occupations due to automation. My research is based on studies and reports from McKinsey Global Institute, International Labor Organization, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Business Insider, and other sources. My analysis will explore and analyze the positive and negative impacts on the future of work and will make recommendations for the United States economy.

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  1. Zoraya Paulino

    Hi Jiaqian,

    This is a great topic that raises conversation. I agree with you that now more than anything we need to learn skills that cannot be replaced by a robot. It is unpredictable where we are headed after Covid, but it seems that jobs are headed in that direction. You did an amazing presentation. Congratulations!

    • Jiaqian Liu

      Thank you Zoraya Paulino, I am so glad that you agree with me!

    • Thank you Zoraya Paulino. I am so glad that you agree with me.

  2. Anahi

    The work is very nice put together! Well organized

  3. Herdeveine Dorelle

    This is a very interesting topic, and it is exactly what is happening in this society where many workers in routine manual jobs will become unemployed due to spread of automation.

  4. Herdeveine Dorelle

    This is a very interesting topic, it is exactly what is happening now in this society , the automation will reduce the number of workers in routine manual jobs and also the unemployment will increase due to the spread of automation.

  5. William Franklin

    Greetings Jiaqian,

    You did a good job on this! Are you planning to continue to work on this; if so, consider algorithmic decision making (Ray Dalio) and bail decisions (a 2017 study called HUMAN DECISIONS AND MACHINE PREDICTIONS)…these are two shocking automations that support human gains by excusing our nature.

    Don’t give this study up, pick a position and help develop policy. It’ll work out for you if you do.

    Good luck.