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Fall 2019 Course Site with Professor Stein

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OpenLab Login Working

Hi All, The login should be working how. Please try if you were trying before. I need to have confirmation from other people that they can get in. I’m still going to allow submitting late. If you do anything to your project between now and Monday, please let me know […]

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Final Update on Sunday 12/15

Hi All, This is an update about your final projects. Submitting Your Final Remember that you will submit your final by posting to our clas site. I have made posts for all of you where you will add the information for your final project. Go to this page to view […]

Pedro Veras Final Project

Smart Study Skills Web Site Technology Used HTML | CSS | Media Queries | CSS Grid | Adobe Illustrator This website is a hub for information on six specific ways of studying. It is intended for college level students seeking to improve their studying skills. As a college level […]

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Camika Final Project

Smart Study Skills Github folder This is my Smartstudyskills-Github folder link. Download my folder you can see my Smart Study Skill Website Design. It has some issues to open my website from the web link the Github created. I don’t know why. It doesn’t sass out when you click the […]


Wallis Final Project

Smart Study Skills Web Site ttps:// [replace with link to your GitHub Pages] Technology Used HTML | CSS | Media Queries | CSS Grid [instructions: delete this paragraph] Note: you can use the same image as you have above as your featured image. Here is a gif on setting the […]

Kahleel Final Project

Smart Study Skills Web Site This is my final project. I faced a lot of issues doing it but i managed to figure it out. [instructions: delete this paragraph] you can include more images of your project here. You can either add images individually or include an image gallery