MMA100 is Coming to the End – Info on Completing the Semester

Dear MMA100 Students,

MMA100 is Coming to the End – This blog post will cover the information needed on completing the semester. Please read this post in its entirety and don’t hesitate to contact me with questions. I am here to help, 100% – It is not too late to catch up on assignments or work out individual needs. Please contact me –

For those who can attend, on Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 @5:30 PM – this will be our last Zoom class session (not mandatory but helpful).

Join the the final Zoom Meeting on 5/13 at 5:30 pm via URL here:

Join the Zoom Meeting via Meeting ID: 321 612 199


***Wednesday May 20th is final exams week, – we will NOT have a live Zoom class on that evening, however, all student work must be submitted by 9:30pm that evening. All Student work should be submitted and added to our shared google drive folder located here:

*Super Important – In the Google Drive Folder you can create your own folder (use your first and last name) and place your production files and completed work there. Here is video below on HOW to do that below:

All of our class assignments with their descriptions are located on the assignments page on our class website here (in case you forgot)

There several great examples in the google drive folder to help show how things look, take a peek.

Please e-mail me with any questions –

I’m always here to help, please reach out.

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