Assignment #2 – Elements & Principles

Assignment #2 – Elements & Principles

Assignment Specifications: Students will generate a series of visual examples and solutions to define, communicate and illustrate the vocabulary of the elements & principles of design. Each term will display a visual example using the vocabulary below:

Elements – Color, Line, Mass, Movement, Space, Texture, Type & Value

Principles – Balance, Contrast, Direction, Economy, Emphasis, Proportion, Rhythm & Unity

Size: – 8.5″ X 8.5″ – The final suggested design will be 2 composites of 8 squares composed and arranged by each student. (2 files will be created)

Working with Photoshop – Lets apply additional layers, filters and image manipulating techniques to customize our progress. Class demonstrations will take place on 2/13.


Part 1 – Student will first create a balanced layout in adobe photoshop. Images will be found from research and investigation via the Internet and class resources. Each term for the elements of design of design will be illustrated and applied by cutting, formatting and placing the example into a composite (the example below is simply one example, you can create your own)

Part 2 – Students will generate their own examples of each term using techniques learned in class with photoshop.

R&D – Where will you find visual inspiration and research? Add your links to the comments section below.


Students will prepare their final works in screen resolution format and  application on the web (RGB).

Due dates for next week: We will be starting and working on and this project in class  beginning 2/13. The project will be due, completed and submitted by Wednesday 2/27

Blank Template example of the layout. (not including the border around the image)