Week # 10 – Midterm Critique / Printing & Submission

Welcome to MMA100 Week #10

Here is this week’s useful information and class resources:

*Did you miss Week #9’s Post? Go Here

*Did you miss the Mid-term project’s assignment Details?  Go Here

* On 3/20 – we went to visit the Animation Tech-Talk – What did you think  about the talk? What did you learn from the event? Did one person or piece of advise stand out? Please leave a comment here!

The class critique for the Mid-Term Project will be held on Wednesday 4/3.  We will dedicate the first half of class to lab work / working and printing our outcomes. I will give a demonstration on the process again.

**All students will print their work and pin it to the critique board by 8pm (even if your work is not complete, please print it out and pin it to the board)

**Updated – Final submissions of your two posters created in Illustrator will be saved and printed via .pdf file format (and I would like a .JPG file version saved via Photoshop – I will demonstrate on 4.3) both files will be  e-mailed to me by Sunday 4/7/19 – rseslow@bmcc.cuny.edu


Graphic Designers – Lets take a look – Who’s work do you resonate with?

Michael Beirut  – @michaelbierut 

Pentagram Design

Debbie Millman 

Joshua Davis

Paula Scher

Jacob Cass / JustCreative

Saul Bass

Susan Kare

Paul Rand

Gail Anderson

Milton Glaser

Alan Fletcher

Herb Lubalin

Lucille Tenazas

Aaron Draplin 

Dribbble – Graphic Design Community / Social Network

50 Amazing Graphic Designers You Should Know


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