The creative brief is the equivalent of the “project proposal” for web development. This document clearly outlines the needs of the client and the goals of the website, including:

  1. The website’s goals (i.e: To sell a product? To inform the visitor? To be a portal for other websites? To provide access to users accounts? To stream video? etc…)
  2. The current situation (i.e: Does the client have an existing website? If so, how much of the original design will be kept? etc… )
  3. Target User (i.e: What is the language/age/gender/education of the target user? How up-to-date do we expect the browser of the target user to be? Is the target user familiar with the product/brand? etc…)
  4. Timeline (i.e: When does the website need to launch? When is the first round of design proposals due? etc…)
  5. Budget
  6. Staff (Name and contact information of the professionals involved)
  7. Specifications (What specific requirements will the website need to fulfill? i.e: Responsive design, payment options, embedded videos, pop-up, spam protection, encryption, analytics etc…)
  8. Maintenance (Who will support future needs once the website launches? i.e: Does the client have an in-house IT, or will the web development team schedule maintenance?)

– Anna Pinkas