Today, many companies use cloud computing. Instead of having their own server hardware/software, they rely on those provided by big companies (i.e: Netflix uses AWS – Amazon Web Services – to store and manage its data).

This allows companies to get their application up and running faster, with easier manageability and less maintenance.

The data is stored on multiple servers, which diminishes the risk of failure/crashes and optimizes the speed of access.

Services such as ‘google drive’ and ‘dropbox’ offer cloud storage for users. This frees up storage space on personal computers and allows easy access to the data from any device connected to the web.

Cloud security has become a major concern since large amount of clients’ data is stored and shared among multiple servers. Security systems for the Cloud are more complex and therefor can be harder to maintain.

“Now I Get It: the cloud” – yahoo video reviewing these concepts [Click to watch]

– Anna Pinkas