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MMP260 1300 Intro 2D Animation fall 2020

Animation and Motion Graphics, A.S.|Multimedia Programming and Design, A.S.|Video Arts and Technology, A.S.|MMP 260|Fall 2020

Students will learn to design and create motion graphics for multimedia, building projects appropriate both for Internet applications and for film and video. Students will learn how to use Animate, a vector-based […]

MMA 100: Foundations of Digital Graphic Design, Seslow, Spring 2019

Multimedia Programming and Design, A.S.|MMA 100 |Spring 2019

This image-based course will introduce graphic design as the foundation upon which effective visual communication is built. Investigation of the elements and principles of graphic design will lead to specific […]

Multimedia Programming 100 – Introduction to Multimedia

Multimedia Programming 100 – Introduction to Multimedia

Multimedia Programming and Design, A.S.|Spring 2019

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of multimedia production. In a hands-on class, students will learn the essentials of program design and authoring software in an integrated computer environment. […]