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CIS Department – Student Learning Community

CIS Department – Student Learning Community

Mete Kok

CIS Department Community

Connections (CENS)

Connections (CENS)

Rosa M. Martinez

Welcome students – this is your space to help you get connected, connected to other students and connected with the various resources available at BMCC! ”Click on Visit Community Site” to get started

Honor Society of Black Student Scholars

Honor Society of Black Student Scholars

Josiah Ramesar, John Fields, Alan T Cata

Student club started by the Urban Male Leadership Academy focused on promoting Black success throughout BMCC.

BMCC Accounting Club

BMCC Accounting Club

Barry Cooper, John Holemans

BMCC Accounting Club

OpenLab for Students

Raquel Neris

OpenLab for Students in a space for students to access information about OpenLab workshops, how to use OpenLab tools and much more! Need support special support? Schedule a meeting with our team: […]

BMCC Reads

jean amaral

BMCC Reads – The space for sharing books, reviews, clubs, films and ideas

BMCC Voices – Audio & Podcasts

Craig Nielsen

Welcome to BMCC Voices – Audio & Podcasts! Here you will find resources for working with audio, as well as the Playlist (blog) of audio projects and podcasts created here at BMCC. This community is open to e […]

Open Education Seminars | Winter 2024

jean amaral

A virtual learning community for faculty who are participating in January 2024 OER/ZTC Course Redesign or Open Pedagogy Assignments. (image credit: ”Open Education” by Gabriela Montorzi, Scientific Infographics […]

BMCC News Black Panthers

BMCC News Black Panthers

Maria Alvarez

BMCC Students Report on College and Student Life

GAINS Scholars

Alexa Andrade

This is the ONLINE COMMUNITY of the Gaining Academic Insight & New Strategies Program (GAINS). Connect with others or tap into free and valuable resources. Through this collaboration between the BMCC Counseling […]

Phi Theta Kappa Alpha Kappa Chapter

Amit Aharoni

Alpha Kappa Chapter at BMCC

Media Arts and Technology Department

Christopher Stein

This community is for the students, faculty and staff of the Media Arts and Technology (MEA) Department and anyone who is interested in the department and its activities.