VAT Majors Spring 2022 Registration Update

This information is for Video Arts and Technology (VAT) majors.

Course Modality: In Person and Online

In a change from Fall 2021, most courses will be offered in-person in Spring 2022. As of now CUNY has mandated that 70% of our courses are in person. This means you may not be able to take all of your courses online.

Proof of Vaccination for In Person Classes

The TLDR is get vaccinated and submit documentation to CUNYfirst or you will not be able to a) attend in person classes and b) enter the building for services like tutoring, checking out equipment etc.

Anyone attending in person classes in Spring 2022 will be required have uploaded proof of vaccination to CUNYfirst.

If you do not do this, the system will allow you to register for in person classes, but you will be dropped from those classes closer to the start of the semester (in January). Also a hold will be put on your account when your dropped from the in-person classes and submitting documents will be the way to remove the hold.

This video outlines what to do:

There is a longer video with a few more details here:

Text instructions can be found on this CUNY IT Help page.

The CUNY Coronavirus page has more information on all things COVID related.

Registration Availability

Currently all active sections are open and have seats available.

TV Studio Courses

Great news! We will offer VAT 161: TV Studio 1 in spring 2022. Registration is open.

Study Labs Spring 2022

Computer labs will be available for you to use during spring 2022. The number of labs and the process for using them will be posted closer to the start of the semester. Remember that any student entering the building will need to have uploaded proof of vaccination to CUNYfirst.


If you want to take the internship class, MEA 371 Media Arts and Technology Internship, then you will need to register on Career Express and attend an Internship Information Session. The Office of Internships and Experiential Learning registers you. You can’t register yourself on CUNYfirst.

NOTE: You can’t register for MEA 371 Internship in CUNYfirst. You must attend the workshops and work with the Office of Internships and Experiential Learning.

For workshop dates (They are in November and the beginning of December) and info on how to register for MEA 371 please read this post.

See this page on the BMCC website for more information:

Course Info

New Courses

These are not brand new, but you may not have had a chance to take them. Flyers attached for ANI 360 and MMP 270. The MEA courses count differently for each major.

  • ANI 360 2D Animation Projects: you will use industry standard 2D animation software to make original animations in traditional hand-drawn animation as well as cutout and stop-motion animation.
  • MMP 270 Introduction to Video Game Design: Topics include Principles of Game Design, basic programming, graphics and animation, sound design, publishing and distribution.

Winter 2022 Tuition Waivers

Eligible Students Must Register by December 1 
BMCC offers two tuition waivers for the Winter 2022 session starting January 3. Both cover $210 per credit for degree-related courses, and eligible students must register by December 1. The waivers do not cover fees and materials such as textbooks.

For more information, students can contact the Academic Advisement and Transfer Center at

There are two types of waivers

  1. Petrie Completion Waiver
    1. To be eligible you can only  have three (3) or fewer courses left to complete your degree.
    2. If you’re eligible then any course that counts for your degree can have the tuition waiver (up to one course in summer 1 and one course in summer 2.
  2. STEM Waiver
    1. This applies only to STEM courses.
    2. It is only for NYC residents and US citizens or permanent residents.
    3. It must be one of the listed courses below and count for your major.
      1. Any Math Course
      2. Any Computer Science Course (CSC or CIS designated)
      3. One of these two you need for your major: MEA 201, MMP 100

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