MMD Majors Spring 2021 Registration Update

This information is for Multimedia Programming and Design (MMD) majors for Spring 2021.

Registration Availability

With the exception of MMP 250 all MMP and MMA classes are open for registration:

  • MMA 250: This is full. Put yourself on waitlists to help us decide if and when to open new sections.
  • Advanced Multimedia Courses: if you’re interested in these, register now to help make sure they run:
    • MMP 310 Multimedia Programming II (requires MMP 210)
    • MMP 350 Advanced Web Design (requires MMP 240)
  • MMP 460 Multimedia Project Lab. This is the capstone course. If you are in the position where this should be your last semester but you don’t have the pre-requisites to take MMP 460 fill out this form and let us know.

WINTER 2021 Tuition Waivers

The following MEA courses are eligible for Tuition waivers in Winter:

  • MEA 201 (Professional Development and Career Planning in Media Arts and Technology)
  • MMP 100 (Introduction to Multimedia)

See this page on the BMCC website for more information:


If you want to take the internship class, MEA 371 Media Arts and Technology Internship, then you will need to register on Career Express and attend an Internship Information Session. The Office of Internships and Experiential Learning registers you. You can’t register yourself on CUNYfirst. For more information read this post.

New Courses

Flyers attached for ANI 360 and MMP 270. The MEA courses count differently for each major.

  • ANI 360 2D Animation Projects: you will use industry standard 2D animation software to make original animations in traditional hand-drawn animation as well as cutout and stop-motion animation.
  • MMP 270 Introduction to Video Game Design: Topics include Principles of Game Design, basic programming, graphics and animation, sound design, publishing and distribution.
  • MEA 300 Special Topics Courses: each section is different. All MEA 300 courses require Department Permission for registration. Use to ask for permission.
    • MEA 300 1001, Topic: Documentary Production
      • Learn the process and practice of making a documentary film. You should have a prior video editing course like VAT 171 or MMP 250. Prof Shari Mekonen,
    • MEA 300 1400, Topic: Experimental Film
      • Learn to create unscripted, experimental films. The class covers both theory and practice including shooting and editing. You should first complete one of these media courses: MES 140 or VAT 100 or MMP100. Prof Phil Wiesman,
    • MEA 300 1300, Topic: TV Writing
      • Write a script for a television show and learn from a prof who has worked in the TV industry. You must complete MES 153 Script Writing first. Prof Melanie Oram,
    • MEA 300 1401, Topic: TV History
      • Learn about the history of television from a prof who has a deep understanding and experience. The course will include special archival footage. It’s helpful to have some knowledge of TV/Film history and writing skills before taking the course. So you should first complete MES 140 and a writing course, ideally ENG 201 or higher. Prof Phil Gries

Online in Spring 2021

All classes taught in Spring 2021 will be taught online. In order to have the best experience possible, please stay in touch with the MEA Department and your professor about your technology needs.

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