Certification Workshops: January 2022

Get certified in a professional media software for free! You are invited to apply for a spot in one of our January 2022 Certification Workshops

The Workshops

Three workshops will be offered:

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. AVID Media Composer
  3. AVID Pro Tools


The workshops will be held virtually on Zoom or similar software. Certification testing will also be done virtually in a proctored (monitored) virtual environment.

Cost: Free

The workshops are completely free! There is also no cost for the certification testing.


All participants will be provided Macbook Pro laptops by the College with the appropriate software. You will need to pick up the laptop before the workshop starts on January 7.

Days and Times

The workshops all run at the same time (you can only take one). You must be able to attend all dates.

Days: January 7–24, Mon–Fri
Time: 1pm-4pm

Workshops are held Monday–Friday from 1pm–4pm each day.
Martin Luther King Jr Day will be observed with no workshops on Monday, January 17.

Monday, January 24 will be testing for the certifications. There will be makeup tests scheduled, possibly on January 25–27, for those who are not successful the first time.

Who is Eligible?

In order to participate in the workshop you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be one of the the following majors:
    1. ANI: Animation and Motion Graphics
    2. MMD: Multimedia Programming and Design
    3. VAT: Video Arts and Technology
  2. Have taken a related class.
    1. see list of related classes to the right >

Here is a breakdown of the related classes

  • Photoshop Certification
    • MMA 100
    • MMA 215
    • MMA 225
    • MMA 235
  • AVID Media Composer Certification
    • VAT 171
    • VAT 271
    • MMP 250
    • MEA 300 only if the topic included video editing (ie Experimental Film or Documentary Film)
  • AVID Pro Tools Certification
    • VAT 165
    • VAT 265

How to Apply

To apply, just fill out this form: https://forms.office.com/r/PPeKcULqKw


Email mea@bmcc.cuny.edu with any questions about the workshop or call (212) 346-8525.

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