ANI Majors Fall 2022 Registration Update

This information is for Video Arts and Technology (VAT) majors.

Course Modality: In Person and Online

There are courses offered both in person and online. Most courses will have both options.

New ANI Majors

Welcome, we’re glad to have you hear. If it is possible, you should register for both MMP 100 Intro to Multimedia and MMA 100 Foundations of Digital Graphic Design. At least one of these classes are required BEFORE you can take other animation courses like 2D or 3D animation.

Registration Availability

All ANI courses as well as MMP 100 and MMA 100 have at least one open section.

Seats are filling up fast in MMA 100 Foundations of Digital Graphic Design. There are a number of seats left in MMP 100 Intro to Multimedia. Both classes are required and pre-requisites to allow you to take other classes in the major.

The following courses only have a few seats left:

  • MMA 100 Foundations of Digital Graphic Design
  • ANI 401 Introduction to 3D
  • ANI 301 Introduction to Video Graphics

NOTE: ART 168 Life Drawing I has changed it’s number to ART 269 Life Drawing Studio I

Many of you will see ART 168 in Degreeworks. If you were advised to take ART 168, register for ART 269 instead. If, after you register, ART 269 doesn’t show up as counting for your degree then contact us and we can do the paperwork to make it count.

NEW: A new section of MMP 250 Digital Film Fundamentals just opened. It’s Online Tuesday Evenings:

  • MMP 250-1701 Digital Film Fundamentals (Class nbr:60485) Tu 5:30 PM–9:10 PM, OL-03 Prof Claudette Charles-Barr

MMP 270 Introduction to Video Game Design: Topics include Principles of Game Design, basic programming, graphics and animation, sound design, publishing and distribution. It requires MMP 100. view PNG flyer

  • MMP 270-1600 Intro to Video Game Design (Class nbr:2645) TuTh 4:00 PM–5:40 PM, MC-S608 Prof Owen Roberts

Experiential Learning

You are required to take one experiential learning class. There are two options (you only take one):

  1. MEA 201 Professional Development & Career Planning in Media Arts and Technology
  2. MEA 371 Internship

Even though it may not show it in Degreeworks, you can take either one. Contact the department if you have any questions.

There is one section open of MEA 201:

  • MEA 201-0500 Prof Devel & Car Plan in Media (Class nbr:60534) 12:00 AM–12:00 AM, OL-02 Prof Glenda Blakely

Internship: MEA 371

You can’t register for this class on your own. In order to register you need to attend an intership advisement and registration session. Luckily there are two right before class starts. Visit this post to learn about how to Register for an Internship.

MEA 300 Special Topics Courses

These courses go into special topics related to or not covered by our standard classes. This fall we have two special topics courses (see below). Rememer while both are MEA 300, each section is different. These classes will count as an Animation Program Elective in your major.

You cannot register for this class without MEA Department approval. If they would like to register for this class, please send the following information to

  • First and last name
  • BMCC ID#
  • Major.
  • Which section: MEA 300 130W Film & Culture: Representation Matters or MEA 300 1000 TV Writing (see below for more info)
  • MEA 300 130W – FILM & CULTURE: REPRESENTATION MATTERS. Prof Agustin McCarthy. This course fulfills the Writing Intensive (WI) requirement but assignments will be adjusted for any students who have already completed a WI course. This class will meet in person on Mondays 1pm – 4:40pm in 70 Murray. Our goal will be to examine the current battles to diversify what we see on screen. If you enjoy watching movies and want to explore how films have both reflected and shaped American culture, this is the class for you!
  • MEA 300 1000 – TV Writing. Prof Melanie Oram. Our goal in the class will be to learn about the art of Sit-Com writing. If you’ve ever laughed out loud at shows like Never Have I Ever, Young Sheldon, or Grown-ish or if you ever wanted to create your own situation comedy, this is the class for you. This course will focus on writing television outlines and scripts for network, premium cable outlets, and streaming services. Students will participate in a Writers’ Room environment as they receive instruction on how to give and receive critiques on script work.
    • This class meets on Thursdays from 10am–1:40pm online. It’s an online synchronous course using Zoom for meetings.

Study Labs Fall 2022

Computer labs will be available for you to use during fall 2022. The number of labs and the process for using them will be posted at the start of the semester.
Remember that any student entering the building will need to have uploaded proof of vaccination to CUNYfirst.

Proof of Vaccination for In Person Classes

The TLDR is get vaccinated and submit documentation to CUNYfirst or you will not be able to a) attend in person classes and b) enter the building for services like tutoring, checking out equipment etc.

Anyone attending in person classes in Fall 2022 will be required have uploaded proof of vaccination to CUNYfirst.

If you do not do this, the system will allow you to register for in person classes, but you will be dropped from those classes if you fail to upload proof of vaccination. Also a hold will be put on your account when your dropped from the in-person classes and submitting documents will be the way to remove the hold.

This video outlines what to do:

There is a longer video with a few more details here:

Text instructions can be found on this CUNY IT Help page.

The CUNY Coronavirus page has more information on all things COVID related.

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