Course: MMP260 1300 Intro 2D Animation fall 2020

Final project: Background

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      Jody Culkin

      Upload a jpg or png of the background for your character’s walk cycle in a post on your portfolio, and add a link here. Add any thoughts you have why you drew the background you choose, what it has to do with your character, or anything else you think is relevant..

      Read the details of the assignment here.

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      My background much like my character is based on classic Looney Tunes esthetics and old western tropes. I attempted to keep the palet minimal and balance foreground and background elements so the character still has room to move across.

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      This was a challenge for me a little because I am not used to drawing backgrounds, but overall it was a fun experience. As I begin to learn more and more on how to use the adobe tools as well as organizing my layers, projects become less of a hassle for me. I did not want to create too much of a complex background as I thought it will stand out more over my character, so I made it as simple as I could.

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      Kiana Conyers

      Kiana Conyers: Final Project – background

      This  took  me  sometime  because  I  haven’t  used  illustrator  since  last  semester  but  I  started  to  get  the  hang of  it  again.  Another  thing  is  I  added  a  house  and  some  clouds  and  a  sun  so  it  didn’t  look   like  Leah  was  standing  in  the  middle  of  no  where. While  she  was  waiting  for  her  Lyft  driver.

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      Hi, this my background assignment, I used illustrator to create it

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      Elizabeth Hernandez

      I mostly drew these in Procreate on my iPad then transferred them over to Illustrator. I then flipped my image over and pasted it across the file to make it seem like it’s longer. The only thing I added towards the end of the image is the drawn in the pink bubble (as well as the sun in the desert background.)

      Final Project: Background

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      Daisy Martinez

      Link to my portfolio:

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      Tiffany Cales
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      Michelle Lima
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