Final Presentation

Here is the final presentation of my project! We have come a long way but I am really happy with the results! (the youtube video is the slowed down version) I was super happy to add bird sounds, snow effects and wind.

Youtube Link:

Here is the original version of 30 seconds.

Title & End Credits

Overall, I feel proud of myself for managing to complete my first walk cycle animation ever! I hope to make more in the future!!

In the Youtube video below, I felt like it was a bit fast, so I made another version that is slowed down.

In this version the video is slowed, but uses different music done by the same person!

Walk Cycle with Effects

Here is my walk cycle with the snow effect and a mask! I also added moving birds to it, not 100% but almost there! For the next time I did want to add the moving wings of the birds to make it look like they are fully flying across the background!

Youtube Link:

Walk Cycle – Adobe After Effects

To be honest, this was my first time using Adobe After Effects EVER, so I did find it challenging at first, especially with the exporting, but overall I had fun. It was really great to see my character come to live and learning how to use the camera effect! It is NOT 100% complete, but hopefully soon!!

Youtube Link:

Final Project – Background

This was a challenge for me a little because I am not used to drawing backgrounds, but overall it was a fun experience. As I begin to learn more and more on how to use the adobe tools as well as organizing my layers, projects become less of a hassle for me. I did not want to create too much of a complex background as I thought it will stand out more over my character, so I made it as simple as I could.


Walk Cycle- Revised

This was a little challenging for me, especially the scarf which I tried my best to make it move, but still have troubles working on. Overall, I’m really excited to continue and work on the final stages of my walk cycle. I do hope to achieve my ultimate goal, which is to make the cycle as smooth as I can. I am proud of my work, especially when this isn’t something I’ve done before and I’m always willing to learn more.

Here is the Youtube Link:

Walk Cycle – Version 1

Here is my first draft of my walk cycle. It was very challenging to draw and move each and ever body part for my character, but I am honestly pleased with the results in a way. It was also a very fun experience to see one of my very own characters walk! My goal is to completely finish my animation and expand on the ideas I have. I did not color everything in, but I do hope to for the final version. I was more focused on the movements at the moment.

Character Storyboard

Here is my storyboard for my character Eli. The storyboard begins with opening credits with of the title “The  Box” and it shows a picture of Eli in a box with his headphones on.

As we get to panel one, it starts off with a far shot of Eli walking on the cold arctic ground, as he listens to lofi music. On panel two, it is a close up shot of Eli, that shows exactly what he is doing in the moment. When we get to panel three, Eli spots a box he is unfamiliar with, which in panel four, it shows a close up shot of the box. Panel five is a split screen of a close up shot of Eli’s face and the box. To me, I was trying to aim for “Jojo Vibes,” as if Eli wanted to fight the box. (That scene refers to the anime “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,” where Dio and Jotaro are beginning to fight each other).

For panel six, it shows a far up shot of another penguin that appears out of the box. There are sparkles around the penguin showing that he is happy and seems friendly. Last, but not least, on panel seven, we see Eli waddling away because he does not like any type of surprises. Although, Eli has a scar on his face from getting into a lot of trouble with his other penguin mates, he can actually be a little scaredy cat most of the time.

Character Design

Meet my character Eli. He is an arctic grey penguin, who loves to listen to music all the time. Eli isn’t always the greatest listener too, as he is always getting into fights with the other members of his pack. Eli is very happy and cheerful despite his trouble making. He can be very helpful and is very protective when it comes to the ones he loves and cares most about.

Eli isn’t very much favored by his group. He once got into a fight with his pack leader as to why he has a scar on his face. He also has bruises above his eye, because he also clumsy and plays around too much.

Coming up with the design for the character was actually hard for me. I had many ideas, but none of them seemed to come to on paper. I went from looking at ideas of video games to looking at my own characters I have created in the past. I wanted to draw something simple yet a little challenging, because using adobe is not my best strength. Since I mostly use other drawing apps, like Krita, Clip Studio Paint, Sai Paint Tool, etc. I wanted to push myself a little to create something that I know I might have a little difficulty making my character walk. I love to challenge myself because I think it makes me strong and I will be able to improve my skills.

Here is my original character for my series called “High School of Mysteries.” His name is Makoto Ikeda and he is 15 years old. He has a best friend named Saburou Ono and has dreams of becoming a youth detective. Unfortunately drawing him in adobe animate would be too difficult at the moment, but one day I do hope to achieve that goal.

Here is another original character I have also designed. Her name is Hanami Inoue. She is 15 years old as well and has a very huge crush on Makoto; however, after finding out that he doesn’t feel the same way about her, she goes ballistic.

Here is also sketches of as you may know orange from the game “Among Us,” which is currently popular right now along with fall guys. I did want to use this design at first, but I wanted to challenge myself to create a character originally done by me.

Flour Sack

This is dedicated to my new friend Kenny. He has been very positive towards me and others around him, so I decided to create a mini story off his happiness and kindness.

The story is about a kind and generous flour sack aka Kenny, who starts the day off by looking at himself in the mirror. He then goes outside and hops his way to his crush’s house, but then finds out that she is sad because she had dropped her ice cream. Kenny decides to give the flower to his crush, which then makes her very happy and they fall in love.

This mini animation consists of six scenes that took me 3 hours to complete. I also added happy music that describes the mood of the animation and story that is being told.

Here is the Youtube link: