Course: ENG 201 Spring 2022 with Prof. Perry

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ENG 201 Spring 2022 with Prof. Perry
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Spring 2022
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English 201 with Professor Perry, spring 2022

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Marriage Proposal

Marriage is supposed to be about love, and finding an authentic partnership that makes you happy […] See MoreMarriage Proposal

Final Reflections

I think that throughout the semester, my work I think I did very well making connections to the […] See MoreFinal Reflections

Final Reflection

To begin with, reading has always been a challenge to me because I am more of a math person. So […] See MoreFinal Reflection

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Comment on: Marriage Proposal

I agree that discussions about marriage can be tricky. I also think it’s cool to see progression i […] See MoreComment on: Marriage Proposal

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I agree that nowadays some proposals are just for the photos and expensive things. It is true that […] See MoreComment on: CHEKOV: Marriage proposal

Comment on: Marriage Proposal

I agree. many people want to have big movie style proposals, which i don't think is wrong, but I […] See MoreComment on: Marriage Proposal

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Research paper on Wearable Technology

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