Course: ECE 110 Seminar | Section 092 | Fall 2020 | Jen Longley

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ECE 110 Seminar | Section 092 | Fall 2020 | Jen Longley
This Course is PRIVATE, but the corresponding Site is OPEN to all visitors.
Teacher Education
Academic Program
Child Care/Early Childhood Education, A.S.
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ECE 110-Seminar
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Fall 2020
Course Description

Students complete the required 15 hours of fieldwork for ECE 110 by enrolling, attending and participating in this fieldwork seminar. The fieldwork seminar will meet two hours a week at our enrolled day/time/location for the first eight weeks of the semester. The ECE 110 fieldwork seminar is graded pass/fail based on attendance and participation in required class activities. Any student who fails the fieldwork seminar AUTOMATICALLY fails the entire ECE 110 course, regardless of your earned grade in the lecture portion of ECE 110.

At the end of this seminar, your instructor will complete a pass/fail form. YOU are responsible for giving this form to your ECE 110 lecture instructor to ensure that your completion of the seminar portion of ECE 110 is recorded.

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