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      Anna Pinkas

      Complete the CSS file for this project (the stylesheet is already linked to the HTML page). Try to create an appealing design, keeping these principles and tips in mind:

      1. Create a clear visual hierarchy (including styling your menu to clearly indicate what page is active).
      2. Make sure the content doesn’t feel cramped or too long (use margin, padding, width)
      3. Try adding appeal to your design with good typographic choices (try using Google fonts)
      4. Use em (rather than px) whenever possible
      5. Adjust your design based on the screen size (try to create a responsive menu by using @media-queries)

      You may add some Javascript, but you don’t have to.

      Once you’ve styled your page, upload the project to Github and post a link to it submit a link to it as a reply to this post. Here are instructions for uploading/retrieving a project on Github if you need a reminder.



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