FDIC Academic Challenge

The FDIC Academic Challenge is a team competition for undergraduate students, designed to bring real-world policy questions into the classroom and address questions concerning the banking industry. All students at U.S. universities and colleges are eligible to participate.

About the Challenge

The competition consists of two rounds. In the first round, teams submit a written response to a question on the banking industry. In the second round, finalist teams will be invited to give a presentation of their findings and answer questions from judges who work in the areas of banking and bank supervision.

Participation in the challenge will enhance students’ professional and academic skills by promoting analytical thinking, graphical and oral presentation of information and concepts, and collaboration with peers.

The objectives of the FDIC Academic Challenge include:

  • Increasing understanding of the banking industry and the FDIC’s role of ensuring the stability of our nation’s financial system;
  • Engaging in critical dialogue with undergraduate scholars on the banking trends and policies related to the FDIC’s mission;
  • Promoting interest in future FDIC careers in the fields of economics, accounting, and finance;
  • Building relationships between the FDIC, students, and the academic community.

Reference: https://www.fdic.gov/analysis/academic-challenge/

Students participation

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