Class Directory

  • Miko Nourieli

    My name is Miko Nourieli, I was born and raised in New York, I am 20 years old, I like to cook and skateboard and currently I am a student at BMCC majoring in Business Management.

  • Lorelle Ginel

    Hi everyone, my name is Lorelle and I am majoring in Business Management at BMCC. I've worked in hotels for more than five years, and I would like to become a director eventually, with my experience in the industry and education. I enjoy watching movies, cooking, and spending time with my family. I also love animals and I have two dogs (Yorkie and English Bulldog). I have an eight month old son as well, who brings me lots of joy. I'm very excited to expand my knowledge while taking this course, and I look forward to having a great and successful semester with you all!

  • Ishraq Uddin

    Hello my name is Ishraq uddin and I am a business management major, I am about to graduate with my assosciates and I am very excited to continue my journey through college. I enjoy to do a lot of things such as working out and watching american football.

  • May Cortez-Beatty

    I am a Business Management major with a concentration in hospitality management. Some of my hobbies are working out, Interior designing, and cycling.

  • Gabriela Nishioka

    I am an international student. I from Brazil and there i graduate in PR and worked for American companies such as Caterpillar Financial and American Chamber of Commerce, until i decided to live abroad and study again. This time, studying business here in NYC. I love how this city is so diverse, how anything can happen anytime, from small thing to big ones. I hope i can work with HR in the future.

  • Angelica Solis

    Hello my name is Angelica and I am a Business Management major. I am very interested in pursuing a career in HR. This will be my last semester and I am super excited to continue my education. My main hobbies include any outdoor activity, mainly because of my 5 year old daughter. She keeps me busy outside. One thing you should know about me is that my family is my number 1 motivation. Oh and that my favorite color is blue!

  • Chris Narine

    Immigrated permanently to the US in 1999 from the Caribbean, West Indies. Major: Business Management with the prospects of transferring to the CUNY SPS BS in Business degree program. Hobbies: Soccer , Basketball , tinkering building electronic circuits & wood working. Recently started Running more consistently for health & wellness.

  • Tyler Johnson Jr

    Hey everyone! My name is Tyler Johnson. I am a Business Management major and this is my last semester at BMCC. I will be going on to pursue my Bachelor's in Management and Small Business Entrepreneurship at Baruch College. I enjoy cooking (and eating) and I hope to open a catering business as one of my ventures. I look forward to meeting and networking with you all!

  • Itza Garzon

    Hello Class My Name is Itza Garzon i am 25 years old, Born and raised in Queens NY. I am a full time student majoring in Business Management as well as a full time employee , working in Visual Merchandising , which can take a toll on you being that its a lot of hours of very early or overnights shifts but i love my job and being able to make a concept come to life. I love adventure and i am very out going, Im also a big foodie so i will take all the restaurant recommendations you all may have ! i am really looking forward to this class.

  • husna sadiqa

    Hi, I'm Husna and this is my last semester in BMCC. My major is business management and I'm specializing in travel and tourism and I am really looking forward to this class.

  • Dimitri Jones

    My name is Dimitri Jones and I am 28 Years old. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. This is my third semester here at BMCC, so that means I have one more to go before graduation. I major in Business Management however after I graduate I would like to pursue a degree in Sports Management. Ever since I was a teenager I had a passion for basketball and football but due to an injury I was unable to play. Since I can no longer play I felt like coaching and working behind the scenes would be the next best thing.

  • Selena Andrews

    I am a business management major and in my final year at BMCC with hopes to transfer to Baruch college next year. At Baruch plan to major in Business management with a concentration of Human Resource. After i graduate Baruch my goal is to complete my Master’s degree at the prestigious Howard University. My life long goal is to open a not for profit organization for at risk youth in low income neighborhoods similar to Geoffrey Canada’s Harlem Children’s Zone.

  • Jamel Purnell

    Hi, my name is Jamel, I am 36 years old, married and a father to three children. I am a Master Barber, Producer and trending Youtuber. I enjoy spending time with my family, music and all things barbering.

  • Heaven Jarrett

    Hello Everyone , I'm currently a business management major specializing in general management . In addition to earning my degree in business I am also an upcoming fashion designer for women's wear.

  • Gilbert Ramos

    My name is Gilbert Ramos born here in NYC. I am majoring in Computer Network Technology at BMCC. This is my last semester and i want to end it on a high note! I enjoy baseball, mixed martial arts, boxing, gaming and reading comic books. I also enjoy trouble shooting.

  • Nadya Dunkley

    I was born and partially raised in Jamaica and am from the Bronx. At the moment I'm majoring in Business Management with and area of specialization in General Management. I'm a mother of 2 beautiful girls ages 16 & 14 and I love all things food, all things hip hop, all things fashion and design. I also love to travel. I currently work in retail and have been for the past 20 years but I also have a certificate in culinary arts.

  • Richard Kearse

    23 years old.. CNT (computer network technology) major. Some hobbies of mine are basketball, eating, and creativity. I am a competitive individual that enjoys implicating his skills into his work.

  • Professor Buckler

    I majored in Sport Administration during my undergrad career, and went on to receive my MBA and Master of Science in Sport & Entertainment management. I love to bake and run. You should know how excited I am for this semester!