About BSAA

BSAA is an interdisciplinary program where faculty mentors, student mentees, and external collaborators work together to develop Open Educational Resources related to Black Studies. Each semester, faculty who are not traditionally in ethnic and race studies disciplines work with faculty from the Ethnic and Race Studies Department, and experts from the selected countries and/or communities to mentor students also from various disciplines in the research process and creation of teaching and learning tools. Participants are grouped into cohorts comprised of faculty mentors, student researchers, external collaborators, and Humanities Alliance Fellows from the CUNY Graduate Center who work on various assignments to support the structure of the program. We also have been fortunate to welcome volunteers.

Program Creators

Prof. Judith Anderson, Department of Race and Ethnic Studies

Prof. Lissette Acosta Corniel, Department of Race and Ethnic Studies

Jessica Levin, Office of Internships and Experiential Learning


Each cohort is comprised of two faculty mentors and student mentees.

Spring 2022 Cohort

Argentina Group

Prof. Agustin McCarthy
Prof. Yvette Harris
Imane Chaaba
Brittany Ford
Triston Hayles
Edwin Lema
Dave Martial
Julius Morris

Brazil Group

Prof. Lissette Acosta
Prof. Nkechi Agwu
Emily Agosti
Jacqueline Coelho Sampaio (OSU)
Raquel Heslop
Kayanara Leeb
Ricardo Santos
Andres Felipe Sosa Romero
Henrique Yagui Takahashi (OSU)
Shauna-Kay Thomas
Ezio Watts

Dominican Republic Group

Prof. Jean-Yves Plaisir
Prof. Aleah Ranjitsingh
Tyone Campbell
Tyze Davis
Alexis Jacquet (volunteer)
Lanue Ngwashi-Hibbert
Madeline Rey

Humanities Alliance Fellows

Meagan Hammerbacher
Ariel Leutheusser
Jesse Rice-Evans

Fall 2022 Cohort

Costa Rica Group

Prof. Rachel Corkle
Prof. Shruti Sharma
Arturo Alejo
Johnny Anderson
Nazeera Audi
Ella Doyle
Josephine Inpanya
Leah Lalljie
Maryam Slater

Garifuna Group

Prof. Joy Liu
Prof. Fatima Prioleau
Destiny Balbi
Rachel Calderon
Karima Charles
Khali Graham
Ime Ekpo
Jeffrey Tavarez

Peru Group

Prof. Van Havercome
Prof. Tudor Protopopescu
Gabriela Guayara
Catherine Guitian
Fifonsi Lokonon
Daneisha Ramsay
Riley Remy
BreAnne Wheat

Humanities Alliance Fellows

Luis Enrique Escamilla-Frías
Sukyoung (Sukie) Kim
Ariel Leutheusser
Janelle Poe
Inma Zanoguera Garcias

Spring 2023 Cohort

Garifuna Group

Prof. Havercome
Prof. Sharma
Khalilah Coombs
Annette Cortez
Jay Nelson
Udoka Meremetoh
Citlali Ramos
Belkairys Taveras

Haiti Group

Prof. Ho
Prof. Peck
Khalilah Coombs
Cody Buttler
Joely Castillo
Ime Ekpo
Leah Lalljie
Jason Oglesby

Puerto Rico Group

Prof. Oluremi Alapo
Prof. Tudor Protopopescu
Sory Bah
Ariel Graham
Amoy Grenade-Lewis
Daneisha Ramsay
Grabiela Sol
Julian Thompson

Humanities Alliance Fellows

Luis Enrique Escamilla-Frías
Sukyoung (Sukie) Kim
Ariel Leutheusser
Janelle Poe
Inma Zanoguera Garcias