Please read these important announcements

hello! Here is some important information for you as we near the end of the semester- please read through this announcement! Be in touch with any questions- you are almost there….


Gradebook update:

I have finished grading your final essays. Because I give extensive comments on the draft, I do not generally comment on the final version- but you are welcome to set up a meeting with me to talk about your essay if you like.

The gradebook is updated as of today– except for the Archive Assignment and Discussion Board #14. Please take a look when you can to see if you notice any data entry errors or discrepancies.

What is due:

  • due Tuesday, 12/15 2:00 PM: FINAL EXAM, instructions here


  • due Tuesday, 12/15 11:59 PM: Make up discussion board posts.  Remember you only need 12 posts out of 15.  An important clarification: you can not make up any comments at this point in the semester, only posts.


  • due Tuesday 12/15 11:59 PM: Feedback on class through this survey ; if the class gets to 75% response rate (which is 18 students), everyone gets extra credit. There are already 14 responses! You are very close! ?


2 thoughts on “Please read these important announcements”

    1. I didn’t see it either ^
      You can email a google docs link to Prof. Munshi though which is what I did. Just make sure to send it to her BMCC email & to grant her editor status to leave comments, I think.

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