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  1. It’s great that your interviewee’s was able to get a permanent residency through the hospital. Also, I am glad that you were able to get the official documents for us to what your interviewee went through.

  2. Whoa, it was really a blast from the past to see the official documents, scanned and present. I wish I’d had some of my family’s official documents to act as artifacts. It’s such a gift to see yours, especially her VISA and permanent residency sponsorship from her job. I hadn’t thought about that too much before, but it makes perfect sense that she would have been sponsored by the hospital. My mom worked as a translator in NYC hospitals in the 80’s/90’s and she mentioned she often worked with many Korean nurses/translators who were needed to help the large Korean population.

  3. hi Minjee, Your slides do a good job of protecting the identity of the person you interviewed, but to be extra cautious, please see below note:

    Hello! As I review your artifact archives, I see that some of you included personal immigration documents that belong to your interviewee without any alteration to protect their confidentiality.

    Generally, it’s not a good idea to have these documents on the internet– please unshare your google slides and/or delete these particular slides as soon as you can. All the archives have been graded so I don’t need access anymore.

    Be in touch with any questions!

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