Pikuniku going for a stroll.

For your midterm, build on the animation created in the previous four videos for Pikuniku and make it your own. Use the following bullet points as a guide, but feel free to go beyond that.

  • Add or change at least three external characteristics of the character (e.g. – a hat, a tie, different body shape, etc)
  • Modify Pikuniku’s walk cycle to match the external characteristics that you added (e.g. – track & field Pikuniku might be out for a run, business Pikuniku might be dragging its feet after a long day’s work, school bound Pikuniku might be skipping along

By the end of the semester, you will have two animations; this midterm (looping walk cycle with background) and your final (an animated short). Additional details about the final will follow in a separate post. HINT: You will build on the activities from the PIAB modules.

* Remember that the Virtual Lab Hours are available in case you have questions or ideas of things that you would like to model or animate and are feeling stuck.