Welcome to 3D Animation Projects

This course follows ANI 401. Students will use an advanced CGI program, to make original animations in a three-coordinate space. Students will model three-dimensional objects and choreograph scenes, controlling character movement, lighting, sound, and camera direction. Small groups will produce short animations. Special attention will be paid to intermediate techniques, such as animating phonemes, rigging soft bodies, and adding dynamic fields. Compositing and post production workflow for proper rendering will be included in this course. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: ANI 401 and MMP 250 and Corequisite: ENG 101 and MAT 100-level or higher.

This site includes video covering core concepts and terminology in animation, video tutorials on creating 3D animation projects with Cinema 4D, and assignment guidelines. The syllabus can be found on its dedicated page here.

Students should use the Dropbox link at the end of each module to submit their work. The professor will upload grades and comments to their individual Google Drive folder, as well as provide feedback during synchronous meetings and critiques.

This site is administered by Prof. Carlo Diego, Assistant Professor at the Borough of Manhattan Community College’s Media Arts & Technology Department. Please send any suggestions or concerns to: cdiego@bmcc.cuny.edu