Creating this animation was quite the adventure. There was a lot of struggles but I do like the more messier outcome of this video. The only way I could figure out how to do this jittery effects to delete some frames to make it seem like she disappears and reappears. I would definitely work on this more over the summer.

Character Walk Cycle

This is the walk cycle storyboard for my character Pixel. During this project I wanted to not only show her walking but also her floating around. I also wanted to show off a bit of her personality with the camera positions. I wanted to show how sassy she is and how her character design makes all eyes on her. It wasn’t too difficult to figure out a way to do that. My goal is to accomplish feeling through the camera angles!

Character Design

This is Pixel! She is a ghost that describes herself as a living computer virus. She is very mischievous and decides to possess a boy who moved into her old home. She is wild and loves to have a good time and loves rock music. She is the type of person who ends up messing with others then feigns innocence. I even included the way she looks when she possesses the boy she “haunts”.