Sociology Topics

Sociology Topics

Sociology Presentation Topics  (of course you may decide on a topic that is of interest to you not listed below such as where you work, your group or networking activities, community events, or any issues or passion).

 Collective Behavior and Social Movements


Social Theory and Methodology

Sociology of the Self

Sociology of the Life


Sociology of Behavior


Creative Behavior





Applied Sociology


Interdicsiplinary Studies

The Discipline of Sociology Research Paper Topics

  • The Sociological Perspective
  • The History of Sociology: The European Perspective
  • The History of Sociology: The North American Perspective
  • Sociological Theory in the 21st Century


Other Topics

  • Gender and religious participation/affiliation
  • Welfare policies/reform
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Self-esteem and teens
  • Gender images in music (rap, country, pop, folk etc.)
  • Laws and Policies
  • Poverty
  • Race, Gender, or Class and the legal system
  • Women in the sciences, engineering, medicine, vet medicine
  • Capitalism
  • Sports
  • Globalization
  • Domestic violence
  • Military (Socialization, Group Processes, Gender, Social Control)
  • Health, illness, and health insurance
  • Magazines and culture (sports, teen, women’s, men’s etc.)
  • Gangs – male and/or female
  • Medicalization
  • School Violence
  • Suicide
  • Family Structures
  • Same-sex marriage
  • Race relations
  • Black in America / Black and White in America
  • Hispanics and America
  • The state of White supremacy in America
  • Environmental concerns, impact, mobilization
  • Toys, games and gender socialization
  • Sweatshops/labor use by multinational corporations in 3rd world countries
  • Education
  • Historical variations in the construction of gender (middle ages, renaissance, civil war, turn of the century, 1920’s, WWII, etc.)
  • Consumption (in one country or compare countries)
  • Illicit drug use and/or related policies
  • Aging (look at physical health, financial concerns, widowhood)
  • Social networks
  • Mental health
  • Crime Political affiliation