Reflections 1: Sociological Perspective

Reflection 1: Sociological Prespective

In society, I’m viewed as a minority due to my financial income and ethnicity. I’m also considered a second-generation immigrant since my parents were the first ones to arrive in the United States from their homeland, Ecuador. I come from a Latinx community where a variety of Spanish speaking countries are different in their own way but relatable at the same time. Being a minority in society has its pros and cons. The pros are that I’m lucky enough to receive full benefits for my health insurance which includes the government paying for my prescriptions, tests, equipment, and hospital visit but there’s a limit to receiving such things. The equipment I might receive will be the cheapest or a rental and if the material is not in good quality what use do, I have for it might just make my condition worse. Another benefit I am able to receive is financial aid for school although this helps a huge amount there’s also a limit to this benefit. I will still need to provide other financial services for myself which include transportation, textbooks for school, materials for classes, etc. In order to provide these services for myself I will have to have a job and with having a job comes the pressure of maintaining a balance with school and social life. Which at times can be difficult and exhausting.

My role in society is to be an older sister, student, worker, educator, and provider. As an older sister of four. It is expected of me to be a leader, by having this role there’s a large number of responsibilities that come with the job that it can be stressful sometimes. I am the guinea pig to my younger siblings every mistake I have made is a lesson learned for them. Also is expected of me to guide my siblings to want to be more in life, education-wise and life in general.

Others view me to be innocent, relax, clam and introvert. I’m a wallflower meaning I don’t really communicate well with others outside in society. I’m very to myself since I don’t speak too much when needed.

I see myself as an introvert and an extrovert. I’m an introvert when I’m outside in society. I have stage fridge and get flustered really fast. I don’t speak much because I second guess myself and when doing so I end up just giving up and not working hard. On the other hand, I’m an extrovert when I’m with my family since I feel more comfortable around them. Also, I know they won’t judge me for my mistakes but guide me and help me to become a better person in life.




  1. I agree with this because I do tend to be a introvert when I’m outside

  2. In society my role is viewed as a citizen and young adult in society.I am viewed as a worker, a student and a Latina women.My role in society is to be a older sister to be a mentor and lead of example for my younger siblings.In a mixed culture community I stand out as a Spanish young female, someone daughter,someone sister.Im look as a hardworking Young lady. When it nice out many look to me as a athlete because I stay active.As a citizen I play a role like thousands of others , for example like driving under the speed limit and making sure everyone wearing a seatbelt.To my family im look at as innocent and dedicated but to my friends I might be looked at as wild and fun.

    • I can relate to some of the roles you play in society. I am personally a parent, so I have to follow some of those responsibilities. It can be a bit harder for me or I should say I would have to apply more pressure because I have my own child, than having to play a role for someone else’s child as well. So I agree it can be very challenging when you also have a personal life. For example, going and coming from a long day of work.

  3. In society, I’m viewed as a young African American. My family come from the South ( Camden ) to be exact. Once it’s shown that I’m an African American, people automatically think “ low class “. Growing up I did not come from a poor background. It was very satisfying. Due to my parents not making that much money as an income, I had many benefits. One benefit was receiving financial aid for BMCC. Financial aid helped me ALOT. Although this opportunity was not for eligible everyone, they helped me pay a large amount of college dues. I used to be a part of “ The ASAP Program” where an unlimited metro card and textbooks were provided for me.

    My role in society is to be a mother to my son, older cousin, student ,and employee. Playing the role as a mother to a toddler can be extremely stressful. I cannot complain. It’s my job to love, care, protect, and nurture my son. I also know that I am his first teacher. Everything that he learns growing up comes from me. As an older cousin, I am expected to be the second leader of the household. In other words, the person to go to when grandma isn’t available. Although everyone makes mistakes, I often try my best NOT to. I know it’s very normal, but even though I am not perfect I try my best to be, so they won’t see me slip up and make any mistakes. Even though I can only learn from my mistakes. Also, as an older cousin I am expected to push my younger siblings to be better than I and others.

    Others would view me to have different personalities. I can be calm, blunt, and quiet at times. Others would say I’m also an extrovert person. I really communicate well with others outside in society. I’m not really to myself. I often speak when necessary and have absolutely no problem with it,

    I see myself as an extrovert. I say this because I actually feel comfortable using my voice. I feel like everyone has freedom of speech, so why not use it. I really enjoy letting my voice be heard, when I know exactly what I’m speaking of and when I know for a fact I have a point. Being around my boyfriend or family, I am definitely an extrovert because I know who they are and I feel comfortable around them. I know they are likely to help me become a better person rather than criticizing me on whatever I did wrong.