H.W. Due 2/11

H.W Due Tuesday 2/11

      TUESDAY (EXTENDED to Sunday Feb 16th)


Discussion Question: 

Guideline questions:

  1. What are some of your culture shock  experiences in cultural variation as part of a dominant culture or subculture?
  2.  What are some norms present in the society that you find it very hard to get accustomed to or one which you are expected to play a role in but wish could change? Why or why not?


  1. Culture and Society Topic: Experiencing Other Cultures: Do’s and Don’t’s  in Course Packet: Pages 20 – 26.


2) Culture and Leadership in a Society: pgs 179 – 189.


Video 1: Cultures, Subcultures and Counter Cultures

Video 2: Symbols, Values and Norms

Video 3: Norms – folkways, mores, laws, taboo