Final Project: Storyboard

In this storyboard, I plan to make a simple fighting process, and in the background of the character, Aqua doesn’t like others to call her Onion (the back of her head looks like an onion), so the enemy she faces is an onion. Although my storyboard uses stickmen to express, but in the finished product, I will use the original character to express. In the process of making the storyboard, I have pictures in my mind to present the finished product, but I don’t know if I can succeed in the end.

Character Design

In the fifth week of homework, I thought designing the character was very interesting, but I encountered difficulties. I couldn’t draw the character design on the back correctly, so I will practice well later.

Her name is Aqua, or she can be called “onion”.  She is a super idol gamer maid, she is 18 years old, 142cm tall, and weighs 44.5kg. Her hair is pink and blue. She is a very shy person, it is difficult for her to communicate with others.. The clothes she wears are those of ff 7 Cloud, which is one of her favorite characters. Although she is a maid, she doesn’t know how to do housework and cooking, so many people call her “cosplay maid”. Her only hobby is playing video games. She has achieved a lot of game achievements, so many people like to watch her live.