Welcome to POL 100 (0505)!

Dear Students Welcome to This Semester!

Welcome to our class, I look forward to studying American politics together this semester!

Communicating with me:
There are two ways to reach me, details are outlined here.

Here’s our agenda for our first week of classes:

  1. Watch the Introduction to Our Course video.
  2. I want to emphasize: watch the video above, where I go into details on how to sign up for the BMCC OpenLab, and how to add yourself to our course website on the OpenLab. Here is the link to the document showing how to sign up to the OpenLab, but you should watch the video, where I go through a step-by-step explanation on how to sign up to the site: Getting Started
  3. Read the information contained in the pages contained under the Course Materials & Schedule page heading. This includes the following information: Course Guide and Schedule, Info about the professor, Course Policies, the Syllabus, an overview of Online Discussion Board Guidelines, and information on Grading Rubrics).
  4. Complete Module 1

VISIT THIS PAGE NEXT: Module 1 – Introduction