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  1. if Nietzsche’s idea about selfless and moral are controdict to himself, is there later on a new identification that can define someone being moral and selfless?

  2. Why isn’t everyone choosing the Master side instead staying on the slave side ?

    1. 1) One does not choose to be a master. If one chooses one is already evaluating according to the slave model.
      2) To be a master is to be a brute, aggressive, merciless, etc beast who does not choose but act on his/her desires. There are still such beasts. They usually end up in prisons.

  3. “This practice of identifying oneself by negating others is at the root of racial, religious or misogynistic ways of thinking.” Is it a suggestion that going back to the roots, we can solve these problems?

    1. Genealogy – going back to roots – does not solve problems. It exposes them; it helps us to understand them. Understanding of them might help us to overcome them.

  4. Nitzche laid out these three systems – master, priest, and slave. Which one is preferred? Which one do we aim for?

    1. None. You cannot aim to become a master. To be a master is to be an aggressive, self-centered beast who does not reflect and does not aim to become somebody else. Priests originated slave morality and ensured its victory. The priest and slave systems of evaluations are intertwined. Nietzsche’s project is to re-evaluate all values and systems of evaluations. Nietzsche wants to overcome the dominant type of evaluation – slave evaluation. He wants to overcome the division on Good and Evil.

  5. As it was mentioned in the lecture on Nietzche, the philosopher wanted “to reevaluate morality itself” and find out whether morality is good. Nietzsche writes: “The criteria which have been bestowed on the “true being” of things are the criteria of not-being, of naught, the “true world” has been constructed out of contradiction to the actual world: indeed an apparent world, insofar as it is merely a moral-optical illusion.” If I understood it correctly, Nietsche considers morality to affect our understanding of the true world as if we live in an optical illusion, and treat true things wrongly through morality. Should we deny morality then and would the “actual” world be better?

    1. It is a great question, but I cannot reply to it. To reply to that we have to clarify his project of overcoming the traditional morality (anti-natural morality); his opposing to anti-natural morality natural morality; his opposition to the dichotomy of the world; the meaning of a better world; etc. After we will finish all of that we will have to ask: A better world for whom? A better world from what perspective?

  6. It’s stated that nihilism is an everyday practice of thinking in which we define ourselves with others. is it possible to not compare ourselves to others?

  7. Hasn’t the maser-slave system at least in recorded European history proven to be an indispensable social necessity? The unchangeable law of existence? – meaning, do we, as one human entity, continuously swing between the master/slave pattern of social existence; where the birth of a new order (coinciding with the overthrow of another) is the beginning of its decay? In other words, once the master class begins prescribing remedies for its unavoidable pain, meaning when it realizes its own misery, leading to the slave class disapproval of its way of living, a new master and slave begin to form.

    1. I am not sure what you mean by ‘the unchangeable law of existence’ and I do not understand what your question is. Please clarify your statement and your question.

  8. According to the Nietzsche last response. People who are unlucky and unhappy in this world . They believe in the another world and heaven. My question what about the people who live in this world very well and enough with everything and in good abundance and they are happy but still believe in another world in heaven and hell ?

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