Artist's notes of knowledge equity meeting showing concepts and connections between them.


This site serves as a resource for faculty participating in the Winter 2023 open education seminars: OER/ZTC Course Redesign and Open Pedagogy Assignment Design.

Since spring 2015, hundreds of BMCC faculty have demonstrated their commitment to access and equity by redesigning their courses with open educational resources (OER) and other no-cost materials, as well as open pedagogy assignments. Removing the barrier of high cost commercial texts and homework platforms, ensures that students have access on the first day of class to their learning materials.

Redesigning courses with OER and open pedagogy also provides the opportunity to take a deep dive into pedagogical issues that go beyond access. Asset-based pedagogies have the potential to transform teaching and learning. Culturally sustaining pedagogy (CSP), trauma-informed teaching and learning, open pedagogy, and universal design for learning (UDL) provide the foundation for our work in this learning community.

For more information on finding OER and other no-cost materials for courses, visit our companion BMCC OER site.