Week 15

A video recording of the synchronous sessions for the week will be uploaded after each class to this folder (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s8lpbwnw768exvp/AAD_wCFERsLKwgi2EAHeBdGya?dl=0) (the password can be found on the “Welcome” page of this course’s Blackboard site – email me if you can’t find it)

Final campaign projects presentations

Each team will present their campaign project to the class. Be prepared to offer feedback to your classmates. Everyone should write at least one comment in the Zoom chat during the presentation. Please use this space for constructive feedback that will help the team make changes before they include this project in their portfolio. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the different elements of the campaign cohesive (visually, thematically and tonally)?
  • Is the language clear and to the point?
  • Are the color and typography choices appropriate for the target audience and subject matter?
  • Are the elements of the campaign engaging?
  • What could make this campaign more powerful?
  • What are the strongest/weakest elements of the campaign?
  • How well did the team translate their sketches/ideas into the final components? etc.)