Final project

This is an exploratory piece. There is movement in the words. Some elements, like the buttons at top at bottom, change color when interacted with. If a key is pressed, music begins. If the space bar is pressed, a hidden image is revealed. The cursor is also the lion image. The interior frame turns black, hiding much of the image, giving a new perspective, when clicked on. Enjoy!

This is a work in progress. Thank you.

Interactive Self Portrait

This is the initial appearance
When clicked, the color is reduced and a more simplistic portrait is revealed.

Instructions: To interact, click on the white areas to see the color change and a new image be created.

Link to code:

Final Project

Hello, this is my final project where I did the wheels on the bus song with each image for the different parts of the song. For the wheels and the wipers I made the rotate and translate.

This is my code.

By: Loverta Brown