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Research and Scholarship

Odaelys Pollard

Updates on faculty and student scholarships

OpenLab for Students

Raquel Neris

OpenLab for Students in a space for students to access information about OpenLab workshops, how to use OpenLab tools and much more! Need support special support? Send an email to openlab@bmcc.cuny.edu. This […]

Economics, Equality and Environment Club

Tenzin Sinon

The purpose of this club is to increase awareness on campus of current local and global economic issues that affect all of our lives. To encourage students to be in action and more involved with Economics and to […]

Connections (CENS)

Connections (CENS)

Rosa M. Martinez

Welcome students – this is your space to help you get connected, connected to other students and connected with the various resources available at BMCC! ”Click on Visit Community Site” to get started

BMCC Finance & Banking Club

Yanni Tournas

The Finance and Banking Club in discussion format, covers economic developments, finance industry topics and monetary policy: – From a theoretical perspective; – From an historical perspective; – And applies […]

Student Voices in Poverty

Everyone knows what it’s like to have problems. But not everyone shares in the soul-splitting experience, articulated by W.E.B. Du Bois, of being a problem. “Between me and the other world there is ever an una […]