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SBE100: Entrepreneurship – Product & Service Creation

Roderick (Shane) Snipes
Small Business Entrepreneurship, A.A.S.|All

This course examines the building blocks of entrepreneurship, including an analysis of the entrepreneur and exploration of business opportunities. The course includes the investigation and practice of products and […]

SBE400: Small Business Management (Major Capstone)

Roderick (Shane) Snipes
Small Business Entrepreneurship, A.A.S.|SBE 400

This course covers the management and operations of a small business. The general functions of management, factors in business success and failure, and the entrepreneur’s qualifications are covered. Case studies, […]

Citizen Entrepreneur Explorers Program (CEEP)

Roderick (Shane) Snipes
CETLS|Internships and Experiential Learning|Research and Scholarly Inquiry|Spring 2022

CEEP allows students to build cultural and professional competencies while engaging in research on entrepreneurial ecosystems through small businesses in their local communities.

Why SBE 100 (Entrepreneurship) is right for you

Roderick (Shane) Snipes
Accounting Certificate Program|Accounting for Forensic Accounting, A.S.|Accounting, A.A.S.|Animation and Motion Graphics, A.S.|Art Foundations: Art History, A.A.|Video Arts and Technology, A.S.|Writing and Literature, A.A.|SBE 100|Every semester

Small Business Entrepreneurship 100 course is for any major!