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Why SBE 100 (Entrepreneurship) is right for you

Roderick (Shane) Snipes
Accounting Certificate Program|Accounting for Forensic Accounting, A.S.|Accounting, A.A.S.|Animation and Motion Graphics, A.S.|Art Foundations: Art History, A.A.|Video Arts and Technology, A.S.|Writing and Literature, A.A.|SBE 100|Every semester

Small Business Entrepreneurship 100 course is for any major!

SBE400: Small Business Management (Major Capstone)

Roderick (Shane) Snipes
Small Business Entrepreneurship, A.A.S.|SBE 400

This course covers the management and operations of a small business. The general functions of management, factors in business success and failure, and the entrepreneur’s qualifications are covered. Case studies, […]

SBE100: Entrepreneurship – Product & Service Creation

Roderick (Shane) Snipes
Small Business Entrepreneurship, A.A.S.|All

This course examines the building blocks of entrepreneurship, including an analysis of the entrepreneur and exploration of business opportunities. The course includes the investigation and practice of products and […]