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Prof. Vatankhah|Data Analysis |CSC130 | Spring 2022

Maryam Vatankhah
Computer Science, A.S.|CSC 103|Spring 2022

This course is an introduction to studying and analyzing data. Topics include data preparation, exploratory data analysis, and data visualization. Some of the most commonly used classification and clustering […]

Prof. Vatankhah|Software Development |CSC350

Maryam Vatankhah
Computer Science, A.S.|CSC350|Fall 2021

Dear Class, Welcome to CSC350. This course covers software development fundamentals, including software development life cycle, object-oriented paradigm, design patterns, and event-driven programming working in […]

Prof. Vatankhah|Disc Struc & Applic Comp Sci| CSC 231-1301|Fall2020

BMCC Learning Academy|Computer Science, A.S.|CSC 231|Fall 2020

Discrete Structures|CSC231