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OpenLab for Students

Raquel Neris

OpenLab for Students in a space for students to access information about OpenLab workshops, how to use OpenLab tools and much more! Need support special support? Send an email to This […]

Media Arts and Technology Department

Christopher Stein

This community is for the students, faculty and staff of the Media Arts and Technology (MEA) Department and anyone who is interested in the department and its activities.

Office of Student Activites

Office of Student Activites


The Office of Student Activities (OSA) is responsible for promoting extracurricular and co-curricular programs that complement and enhance each student’s academic experience and personal development. S […]

Research and Scholarship

Odaelys Pollard

Updates on faculty and student scholarships


Anna Pinkas

Information on the BMCC Makerspace (opened to all faculty and students)

Broken English

Raquel Neris

Broken English presents an audio collection of stories of international English students living in NYC.