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My name is Eylul Karaosman, my preferred name is Ava. I am 18 years old. I am majoring in Business management.
Business Management
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Business Management, A.A.S.


BUS 104-A050 | Intro to Business | Professor Buckler | Fall 2022

BUS 104-A050 | Intro to Business | Professor Buckler | Fall 2022

This course surveys business and industry in the United States with global growth strategy. Emphasis is placed on building Communication and Quantitative skills, including Excel spreadsheets, and an Ethical Foundation. The course introduces students to concepts in Management, Organizational Structure, Human Resources, Marketing, International Business, Finance, Computer Information Systems, Accounting, and Economics, and encourages students to explore career paths. Required of all Business majors.


OpenLab for Students

OpenLab for Students

OpenLab for Students in a space for students to access information about OpenLab workshops, how to use OpenLab tools and much more! Need support special support? Send an email to openlab@bmcc.cuny.edu. This community is for students only. However, faculty and staff are more than welcome to browse our website!


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