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My first job was as an apprentice Locksmith in Brooklyn NY. The independence of setting your own schedule & the availability of a company van to cruise, for a freshman in college, attracted me to this opportunity.The satisfaction of helping someone feel better who is already experiencing a bad day of either locking their keys in their car or being locked out of their home or business with the excitement of navigating some sticky situations helped developed my communications & interpersonal skills. Including sharpening a ‘Spidey Sense’ working the wee hours of the morning,Here is where I developed a passion for meeting new people, honing my communication skills for example, expressing the alternatives of how not to just purchase a basic home or business alarm system but next level up & the service contracts.During my tenure, I networked with several customers & obtained the opportunity to work & grow with a large Developer, working alongside experienced Construction & Technology project managers.Here is where I’ve obtained certifications in Building management systems , Building Technology Networking systems, Building Security Access control & Camera systems. And continue to learn and grow.When I’m not traversing skyscrapers in freight elevators or hanging outside buildings in construction elevators scoping & working projects with our team leads , I can be found spending time reading mystery novels, playing and coaching soccer , conditioning myself for 5K , ½ Marathon & eventually with enough conditioning, the New York Marathon in 2 to 3yrs.If you have any recommendations of a mystery novel or pick-up soccer game leagues in the Tri-borough, feel free to message me.


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