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BMCC Reads

jean amaral

BMCC Reads – The space for sharing books, reviews, clubs, films and ideas

Black Studies Across the Americas (BSAA)

Judith Anderson

This project is supported with U.S. Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center funding from the Center for Latin American Studies at The Ohio State University and the NYU Center for Latin American […]

DERS Curriculum Committee

DERS Curriculum Committee

RaShelle R. Peck

OpenLab page for DERS Curriculum Committee.

Open Education Seminars | Winter 2023

Gina Cherry, jean amaral

A virtual learning community for faculty who are participating in January 2023 OER/ZTC Course Redesign or Open Pedagogy Assignments. (image credit: ”Open Sign” by AlanDavidRobb is free to use under Pixabay license)