Luma’s Walk Cycle (Full Version)

Here is my complete and final version of my character’s walk cycle, Luma. As you can see I have made a lot of changes/adjustments to my work. As you can see, I changed the effects of the Star Particles. I had placed the Star Particles at the beginning of the animation and decreased the number of particles being shown so that the entire animation does not look too hectic with all of the Star Particles as the previous version. I also applied my animated “Title” and “Credits”, and my chosen music and sound effects, which are being planned towards my storyboard. One of the greatest challenges of doing this is to completely adjust the effects and the rest of the entire animation. It has been quite complicated for me, however, I hope that my prolonged work is worth the effort.

Luma’s Walk Cycle (Walking in Background)

Here is my Walk Cycle for my character, Luma. As you can see, I added the character with my illustrated background. The production of the walk cycle is nearly similar to the outline of my storyboard, because of the use of camera movements. One of the challenges is to control the camera movements, in order to make my animation look nice. Although, I’m glad for how it turned out nice, and the task itself was not very complicated to do.

Luma: Walk Cycle (Revised)

This is the revised version of my character, Luma. There have been many improvements and changes. As you can see, I have adjusted the walking of my character, and she is finally walking smoothly from the previous version. I wanted to try getting Luma’s official appearance. I wanted to make her hair, skirt, and eyes move, while she walks, and I believe she turned out to be utterly cute and alive!

Luma: Walk Cycle (Rough Draft)

My goal is to create a walk cycle for my character, Luma.  As you can see, I focused to work on the arm, legs, body, and head of my character.  I wanted my character’s walk cycle to demonstrate the feeling of hopeful/positive/cheerful.  As you can see, the legs of my character, while she is walking, looks a bit weird. However, in the future, I am planning to make sure Luma’s final production and complete appearance can help to make her better.

Storyboard: Walk Cycle Animation

Here is my storyboard of the Walk Cycle for my character. My process was to apply and plan out a setting, actions, the use of camera movements, diverse shots, music, etc. to create my storyboard. The challenge that I have to face is the amount of revelation to my character, such as applying a twist and turns for my character. My goal for the storyboard is to create a walk cycle and a meaningful story throughout my storyboard. I wanted to apply other points within the storyboard that helps to show different views to my story and the character. For example, I was planning to add a magical flying star, in which my character, Luma, has encountered. Therefore, when the star flies and placed on her Luma’s head, it helps to give her hope and revealing her true, official appearance and identity. Generally, the storyboard helps to express the biography and life of my character.

Character Design: Luma

Luma is a Japanese-figured girl, who has the appearance-based as a “Chibi.” She is short, young, with brown colored eyes, long black round hair, and round-edged limbs.  She only has her left eye visible from a directly frontal view as her particularly large bang of her hair hides her right eye, and wears a yellow star on her hair, a light blue short-sleeve Mori dresses, with white stockings, and black shoes.  Luma is a cute, sweet, and innocent girl, who has a personality related to me, of acting pessimistic, however, she can also be positive and optimistic when she receives hope from a remarkable star.  Furthermore, Luma’s name was gifted by the presence of the star itself.

I wanted to create a cute, simple character for my animation.  I created Luma with the inspiration/reference of the “Chibi” design.  Furthermore, I like to have a physical appearance based on anime characters.  Luma was also a reference to the Nintendo character, Rosalina and the cute baby stars, Luma, in which I gave that name to my character.  I tried on making a bit unique of having diverse features, and so I combined all of my favorite inspirations into creating my official character.

Flour Sack Animation

My goal is to create a flour sack that is jumping with joy/happiness while expressing “Yes!”. The challenge is to create the exact poses for the flour sack. Furthermore, I tried on applying the accurate use of squash and stretching for the sack. I wanted to make the sack to squash down low at the beginning while applying a joyful stretch from the jump. Furthermore, I applied a compression for the sack, when it reaches the ground.

Key Poses of Flour Sack:

Bird Animation

The goal is that I have to create a looping animation based on a flying bird.  The challenges are that I have to plan on drawing, positioning, and moving the bird’s wings accurately.  I applied several poses of the bird’s wings, including the squishing effect of the wings, close to the bottom of the bird’s body.  I tried on making the bird realistic by adding so flowing hair to make it look like it is moving from the wind, and applied some moving features of the bird’s face to make it come to life.  I’m glad that my GIF had turned up well, and the looping of the bird moving smoothly made.

Reference of the GIF: and