UX Design and Visual Storytelling with Deb Aoki

The Media Arts & Technology department is excited to welcome:

Deb Aoki
Sr. Experience Designer at Adobe

Wednesday, April 21st at 11AM

Deb Aoki, experience designer at Adobe will talk about how she uses sketches and storytelling in user experience design. She’ll show examples from her work for PayPal, eBay, Sony, and Adobe, and explain how drawings, journey maps, personas and storyboards can be used to drive customer-centric product development for web, mobile, ecommerce, AR and more. She’ll also talk about her journey from graduating with a fine arts degree to working in UX design and content strategy.

All CUNY students, faculty and staff are welcome.

Email rkaisar@bmcc.cuny.edu with any question

Supported by funds from an HSI-STEM Title III grant from the U.S. Department of Education

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