MMD Majors Summer/Fall 2023 Registration Update

This information is for Multimedia Programming and Design (MMD) majors.

Course Modality: In Person and Online

There are courses offered both in person and online. Most courses will have both options.

New MMD Majors

Welcome, we’re glad to have you hear. If it is possible, you should register for both MMP 100 Intro to Multimedia and MMA 100 Foundations of Digital Graphic Design. Both of these classes are required BEFORE you can take other MMP or MMA courses and they will help you decide on your future classes.

Registration Availability

All ANI courses required for your major are open and have at least one open section.

GET ADVISED! Remember that everyone needs to be advised before you can register for class. The general process is:

  1. Get Advised
  2. Register for Class
  3. Get Financial Aid and Pay for classes

Our Registration Guide for Summer/Fall 2023 has more information.


These courses are available this summer. If a STEM tuition waiver is available the course has [waiver] indicated

Summer 1 Six weeks (6W1) 5/30/23–7/11/23

  • MES 140-A50W/B Introduction to Moving Image (Class nbr:8709)  12:00 AM–12:00 AM, online asynchronous, Prof Samuel Sloves
    • This class is Writing Intensive
  • MES 152-A140 Intro To Contemporary Media (Class nbr:8528) MTuWTh 2:00 PM–3:45 PM, FH-211 Prof Paul Francis
  • MES 153-A090 Script Writing (Class nbr:8710) MTuWTh 9:00 AM–10:45 AM, in person FH-501 Prof Edward Vaughn
  • MES 160-A110 World History of Animation (Class nbr:9157) MTuWTh 11:00 AM–12:45 PM, FH-1013 Prof Jennifer Hatchadorian
  • MMA 100-A100 [waiver] Founds Digital Graph Dsgn (Class nbr:8495) MTuWTh 10:00 AM–12:15 PM, MC-S608 Prof Josephine Culkin
  • MMP 100 Introduction to Multimedia
    • MMP 100-A100 [waiver] (Class nbr:8494) MTuWTh 10:00 AM–12:15 PM, online synchronous, Prof Ira Epstein
    • MMP 100-A130 [waiver] (Class nbr:8493) MTuWTh 1:00 PM–3:15 PM, in person, MC-S608 Prof Caroline Falby

Summer 1 Ten weeks (10W) 5/30/23–8/8/23

  • ANI 260-C090 [waiver] Introduction to 2D Animation (Class nbr:8806) hybrid: online synchronous, TuTh 9:00 AM–11:30 AM, and onine asynchronous, Prof Robert Wurzburg
  • ANI 401-C090 [waiver] Introduction to 3D Animations (Class nbr:8805) hybrid: online synchronous, M 9:30 AM–11:30 AM, and online asynchronous Prof Christine Mariani
  • ANI 402-C180 [waiver] 3D Animation Projects (Class nbr:8804) hybrid: online synchronous, W 6:00 PM–8:00 PM, and online asynchronous Prof Burt Miller
  • MEA 201-C050 [waiver] Prof Devel & Car Plan in Media (Class nbr:8713)  online asynchronous, Prof Glenda Blakely
  • MEA 371-C060 [waiver] Media Arts & Tech Internship (Class nbr:8712)  Prof Glenda Blakely
    • You can not register directly on CUNYfirst. To take this class you must attend a workshop and create a Career Express account. Full information on how to Register for MEA 371 is on the linked page.

Summer 2 Five weeks (5W2) 7/20/23–8/22/23

  • MES 140-E13B/L Introduction to Moving Image (Class nbr:8866) MTuWTh 1:00 PM–4:00 PM, FH-204 Prof George Robinson


MEA 211 Introduction to Digital Fabrication and Physical Computing

We are happy to announce that this course, taught in our Makerspace will teach you how to turn your creative ideas into physical objects using a laser cutter, vinyl cutter and our 3D printers. This class meets Mondays and Wednesdays 4pm-6pm in the Makerspace with Prof Kar Rosen teaching.

  • MEA 211-1600 Intro Digital Fabr & Phys Comp (Class nbr:49038) MW 4:00 PM–6:00 PM, MC-S608 Prof Kar Rosen

MMP 270 Game Design

Want to learn to make your own video game? Our popular Game Design course is back to teach you how.

  • MMP 270-1600 Intro to Video Game Design (Class nbr:38187) TuTh 4:00 PM–5:40 PM, MC-S608 Prof Owen Roberts

MEA 300 Special Topics: Introduction to Virtual Production

This introductory course will teach you the fundamentals of using Unreal Engine for various Virtual Production workflows. Each assignment is built around real-world briefs to teach you the skills studios look for in Unreal Engine artists. You will learn how to import assets, world-build, animate, and create cinematic sequences in real-time. The class meets in person on Thursdays 1pm-4:40pm with Prof Carlo Diego teaching.

You cannot register for this class in CUNYfirst; you need MEA Department approval. To register for this class, please send the following information to

  • First and last name
  • BMCC ID#
  • Major.
  • MEA 300-1300 Topics in Media Arts and Tech (Class nbr:44844) Thursdays 1:00 PM–4:40 PM, FH-1007 Prof Carlo Diego

MMP 310 Multimedia Programming II and MMP 350 Advanced Web Design

Each of these classes will only be offered in one semester in the 2023-2024 school year. Plan ahead if you would like to take one.

  • MMP 310 Multimedia Programming II: offered in Fall 2023
    • pre-requisite: MMP 210 Multimedia Programming I
  • MMP 350 Advanced Web Design: offered in Spring 2024
    • pre-requisite: MMP 240 Web Design

Experiential Learning

You are required to take one experiential learning class. There are two options (you only take one):

  1. MEA 201 Professional Development & Career Planning in Media Arts and Technology
  2. MEA 371 Internship

Even though it may not show it in Degreeworks, you can take either one. Contact the department if you have any questions.

Internship: MEA 371

You can’t register for this class on your own. In order to register you need to attend an internship advisement and registration session. Visit this post to see times for those sessions and learn about how to Register for an Internship.

Access to Computers and Software

Laptops are available for students who need them to check-out from the Library. If you are taking an online class requires software like Adobe or AVID, the College will provide access to that software for you.

If you have a need for help with access to technology, you can complete this form: MEA Student Technology Need Form

Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination for In Person Classes is No Longer Required

Starting for the Summer 2023 classes and beyond, CUNY will no longer require proof of COVID-19 Vaccination and random testing will also end.

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